Shared Workspace in Seattle

At ATLAS Workbase Seeing is believing. Once you’ve experienced ATLAS Workbase in person, it will change the way you think about work.

You may be eligible for a FREE Day Pass if you are…

1) Looking for a more productive environment.
2) Thinking about growing your business.

3) Considering changing to a new work space.

Open Seating in The Lounge

Between the place we live and the place we work is the “Third Place,” where we revitalize and build community. The Lounge is the next-generation Third Place, combining the sophistication of a world-class airport lounge with the outstanding service of a top-level club.

Shared Work Space with Adjustable Standing Desks

Conduct business in an extraordinary professional environment. Reserve the space you want when you want it.
Choose from a wide range of work, meeting, and presentation environments.

More Workspace in The Concourse

The Concourse offers many different settings suiting many different workstyles, so you can conduct business in a private, quiet and professional environment.

Experience A Modern Shared Workspace in Seattle

Shared work spaces are changing the way modern professionals view offices across the world. Gone are the days of cubicles and rigid floor plans; with our organic and open layout, every member is free to use the space as they need. Flexibility is the most powerful element we incorporated for ATLAS, allowing every individual to be able to work on any project they need. From meetings to Meetup groups, all needs are met in our elegantly designed work space.

Shared work spaces are meant for collaboration and connection; by working alongside other members in a variety of industries, networking and casual conversation become an impactful part of your day. Many clients end up receiving powerful connections with others to bolster their success and this kind of organic outreach cannot be achieved anywhere else.

FREE Parking for ATLAS Workbase Members

Commuting to work in Seattle comes in many forms; trains, metro and personal vehicles are all viable options for the modern professional. ATLAS is proud to offer their members free in-building parking Avoid costly parking tickets, or having to check on your meter every few hours, and free up more time to get your projects done.

ATLAS Workbase members can Park for Free in the lower level of the building, in QFC garage off the corner of Roy Street and Taylor Avenue.

ATLAS Workbase FREE Parking

Enjoy Delicious Refreshments at a Moment’s Notice

Coffee breaks are never the same at ATLAS Workbase; always providing new insights or exciting conversations among members. Enjoy complimentary refreshments, such as coffee and juice, to fuel you throughout the work day. Snacks and light meals are available throughout the day as well, for those early morning hunger cues or afternoon slumps. Members rave about our offerings, such as local Seattle salmon lox to accompany our fresh bagels, or delicious kettle corn and pretzel snacks.

Visit our Conveient Location in Seattle

Nestled in the growing city of Seattle, ATLAS Workbase is located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With views of the Space Needle from our generous windows, natural light and scenery paint the walls of the work space for endless inspiration. Lunch breaks are fun and colorful; simply walk a mile to the Pike Place Market to try a variety of global cuisines. Belltown is a culinary community, complete with cuisines from across the world to address every craving that creeps in. Take advantage of the walkability of Seattle’s streets and enjoy a stroll to infuse fresh air into your day. For those with a busy schedule, local grocery store QFC is located right below ATLAS Workbase to grab and go without losing momentum.

ATLAS Workbase has everything you need to be productive

Every element comes together in a work space, uniting people, ideas and businesses every day. Not only will you and your team achieve more productive and pleasant projects, but you will be building a stronger bond between employees. Work spaces are rapidly changing how we see work in the modern day, and constantly revealing just how powerful the organic and community based environment can be.

Work from ATLAS Workbase and See for Yourself