The ATLAS Workbase Story

Bill Sechter, ATLAS Workbase co-founder

As entrepreneurs searching for coworking space, we weren’t satisfied with our options and wanted something better. We yearned for a place that represented our values—where people don’t just work, but actually conduct business—so we decided to build it ourselves. ATLAS Workbase offers a comfortable, quiet, and secure environment that is inclusive to all workers and businesses.


Let’s reimagine work together.


We, ATLAS, provide intentionally designed, flexible Workbases, which enable the community to create and conduct business successfully.


Be the world’s most visited workspace.


  • DISRUPTION: We’re challenging the conception of “business as usual” and are enabling those seeking to improve, change and disrupt their respective industries.
  • COMMUNITY: We strive every day to support, educate and nourish our community of people, places and ideas, because going to the office should be so much more than doing a job.
  • SERVICE: Our clients come first. We endeavor in every interaction to provide the best of practice standard of quality and care. This commitment is reflected in all our employees, partners, pricing models, furniture and fixtures.
  • INTEGRITY: We are committed to treating each and every person walking through our door with the highest level of character and respect.
  • LOCAL/NATIONAL/GLOBAL: Regardless of the type of work you perform or the community you live in, our charge is to support all your modern workplace needs.


We’re in the heart of Seattle

500 Mercer Street, Seattle, WA 98109


We’ve brought together a dedicated team of whip-smart, creative experts to build the perfect work space for the modern professional. We work hard, we have fun, and we take great pride in the evolution of ATLAS Workbase. You’re sure to see us every day right alongside you—why would we work anywhere else? Interested in joining our team? Learn more.

ATLAS Workbase meets the following needs in Seattle:

Coworking | Shared WorkspaceConference RoomMeetings RoomsEvent Venues