The Seattle Angel Fund (SAF) is a collaborative, interactive and member-directed investment fund focusing on Pacific Northwest-based, early-stage growth-oriented businesses. Its investments typically range from $250,000 to $500,000, and it often invests in syndication with other early-stage investors. SAF recently became a member at ATLAS Workbase.

SAF looks to deliver superior investment returns for its member investors, but as a backdrop, also seeks to help increase the number of active angel investors and start-ups supported financially in the region.

As you might infer, SAF is a little bit different than your average angel says principal Will Finney. In addition to its investments, SAF leverages the combined experience and skills of its member investors to buttress and support its portfolio clients. “We believe a true partnership between company and investor provides the greatest opportunity for success,” says Finney.

Finney is no stranger to coworking and knew exactly what kind of environment he was looking for when he partnered with ATLAS Workbase.

When looking around at spaces SAF sought a high-end, professional space that could serve multiple purposes. The space had to be ideal for getting his work done and the business at hand for SAF. This meant flexibility, for example, to host big and small meetings; it would also have to be suitable to allow the portfolio companies to drop in for their own special needs and meets and greets.

A few other things about ATLAS stood out for Finney: its PNW roots, pay what you use pricing, availability of an array of space options, and it’s flexibility as a drop-in workspace.

“Too often we struggle with trying to find a place to meet early stage companies that provides a professional environment plus privacy. Atlas provides those attributes,” continued Finney.

Additionally, he says you will find at ATLAS Workbase a peer-to-peer, level of expectation or “code of conduct” that sets ATLAS apart. Finney likes to say that the professional nature of the space lends itself to the way you see people use and interact with the space.

Moving forward, SAF and ATLAS Workbase expect a mutually beneficial partnership. In the works are entrepreneur-driven Lunch and Learns, a startup package for companies  that SAF invest in, and office hours.

“The best and quickest way to enhance our space, expand our member benefits, and continue to be the most innovative coworking space bar none is through strategic alliances like the one ATLAS Workbase has formed with SAF, and other partners like ReachNow and Downtown Dog Lounge. We expect to announce an array of other shared services in the coming months, and underscores what an extremely exciting growth phase this is for the coworking industry,” said Kim Burmester, ATLAS vice president of sales and marketing.

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