Small Business Labs estimates a 41% compounded annual growth rate in coworking space members from 2016-2020, there appears to be no let-up anytime soon for the exploding marketplace for coworking facilities. More than 1 million people now work in coworking spaces. This is a market maturing both in size and in the types of spaces being developed like those that cater to specific member groups like women-only, lawyers-only, and so on. In this kind of marketplace there simply will be too many choices otherwise. Seattle is a great example of that with so many types of coworking facilities dotting downtown.

No matter the type of space and target membership it is incumbent upon the facility to deliver the best experience to ensure members are productive and supported while they work there. This is what drives sustainable, repeat business.

This is why ATLAS Workbase puts so much emphasis on our concierge services. It is a critical part of the ATLAS Workbase experience that we think truly differentiates us from other office spaces. Plus, just like a good website, the coworking facility must be sticky if it wants to to retain its members.

It’s also why ATLAS Workbase is creating a community of partners and vendors who understand this concept and the tremendous opportunity, and are aligned with us as we expand our footprint into new markets. On the design side our partners include blue-chip firms like Gensler, Open Square, Steelcase and Philips Lighting, who helped create the unique, signature atmosphere and look and feel you’ll find inside each and every new ATLAS Workbase that opens, no matter the location.

Another key is that many of our members are no longer attached to a corporate umbilical cord, and they may be adrift if all the coworkspace provides them with is a desk and chair.  In addition to our design partners, the stickiness mentioned above also comes with providing members top-notch, value add services that enable them to curate their day. A simple concept but a huge shift in how we view the worker-office relationship.  

This is is why our partnership with FedEx Office® is so important. We’ve also working with with the likes of ReachNow so we can offer members shared car access at a moment’s notice, Downtown Dog Lounge who provide day care, drop off and pick up for pets and on-site dry cleaning service. We are in negotiations to bring on a host of other partners and services, such as shared bikes, temp workers, Legal and HR consulting, grocery shopping, event services, and so many others.

All these services help each member curate their day toward success. Beyond services, our partners also include organizations geared toward helping businesses grow, such as Seattle Angel Fund, Techstarts StartUpWeek Seattle, and Seattle Female Founders Alliance; and groups such as Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce, Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA), Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, and Economic Development Council of King County.

This is just the beginning. If you share an interest in our vision and would like to join our partner network at the ground floor, please contact Kim Burmester


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