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Meet Pete Peng

Pete Peng has spent over 20 years working in the wireless communications industry. So, it was natural evolution in his career to try his hand at starting own company when he founded Wavcatcher in 2015. Wavcatcher is an end-to-end solutions company for next generation antenna technology. It is Pete’s goal for Wavcatcher to become the Qualcomm for antennas.

While Pete may be the founder and CEO of Wavcatcher, he prefers to go by the title of Program Manager. He feels this title more accurately reflects his day-to-day work, keeps him humble and more a part of the team. Pete runs his company out of ATLAS Workbase in Seattle, with the other members of his team residing in Texas and California.

Pete has worked at ATLAS Workbase since the early fall of 2017. Most days you will find him working on the Concourse side. He previously ran his business out of another coworking space in Seattle, but left because it was not a good fit for him. In looking for a new place to run his business, he wanted a more professional and creative environment.

Pete chose to work out of ATLAS Workbase because of the “facilities, service and parking. The place represents wealth. It’s a professional environment. It fosters creativity and business development. It’s also quiet enough to do your work, and we [as a company] can scale here,” said Peng. “We can grow without relocating. Some of the other coworking spaces have more of a ‘frat’ atmosphere and not as conducive to creative productivity. Parking is a great feature. It’s an accessible place and easy for clients to get to.”

Wavcatcher – Next Generation Antenna Technology

The antenna technology was invented by his father, Sheng Y. Peng, Ph.D. Dr. Peng also created the antenna for the Patriot missile system, which is still being used today. The antenna technology optimizes your phone by improving connectivity, speed and battery life for a better experience. It improves the signal coverage by giving you access to all relevant frequencies on the cellular and wifi networks.

Pete describes Wavcatcher as a, “square meets circle company.” Their antenna technology will save a mobile carrier or mobile product manufacturer up to 50% in production cost while yielding similar or better performance. This is achieved by eliminating extraneous components (i.e. hardware and software) and excess material due to its smaller and more flexible form factor.

Twylight – A Mobile Lifestyle Brand

Twylight is a subsidiary of Wavcatcher, and Pete’s plan is for this company to become a standalone mobile lifestyle and accessories brand geared toward the mobile bohemian (#mobo), or digital nomad.

The technology developed by Wavcatcher powers the first product from this company: Firefly. Firefly is an iPhone case that improves cellular, wifi and bluetooth connectivity.

Your phone is always looking for the strongest signal. This is a huge drain on your battery. With Firefly, the iPhone case itself is a super antenna which increases signal connectivity and speed while using less battery, and extending the time between charges. Firefly will also work on the China mobile network, which opens the company to additional opportunities for growth.

For the initial run, the case is only available for iPhone models 6,7,8 and X, in both standard and plus. Pete is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the first round of production. If you would like to support this campaign please visit his Indiegogo page here. The first round of cases from this campaign will ship on 4/2/18.

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