Research indicates people do their best work when they have choice and control. Renowned author and academic Daniel Levitin suggested that optimized productivity should be achieved by the ability to change environments depending on the task at hand.

Indeed, the design of a work space can have a huge impact by enhancing the cognitive, physical, and social well-being of those who use it. That’s one big reason we designed ATLAS Workbase with an ecosystem of shared office space that allow our members to choose how and where they use the space.

“The most engaged workers have choice and control over where and how they work, including the ability to find privacy, collaborate with teammates and change postures throughout their day,” said Pamela Woodward, Steelcase vice president of sales. “ATLAS Workbase provides ATLAS Square w Cloudsettings to help workers feel and perform their best.”

 At ATLAS those needs might include using The Concourse, which offers many different settings suited to multiple workstyles, and is centered on The Square which offers a relaxed, “Third Place” aesthetic and vibe—perfect for socializing, networking, and rejuvenation.

Alternatively, The Lounge combines the sophistication of a world-class airport lounge with the outstanding service of a top-level club. This offers a more casual, community open-seating environment with no reservations—perfect for informal meetings or a change of pace from the Concourse.

ATLAS Lounge Media:scapeThen again the needs of the day may require a more private space for brainstorming and ideation with a large team. If so you’ll need access to a conference room with whiteboards and furniture designed to keep everyone alert and active for optimal collaboration. For free-flowing conversations and more focused communication, that may be the time for a Board Room setting including easy-to-use teleconferencing and screen sharing options .

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