Work begins December 14th

A lot of people have a recurring nightmare where they can’t move. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. For Queen Anne, Magnolia, Ballard, Fremont and other local neighborhood residents in particular it’s going to feel like an awfully bad dream sequence come to real life when the demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct begins. For those who need to commute downtown, the demolition starts with three weeks of construction during which the viaduct closes and the new 99 tunnel opens. Yikes! The closure will be the longest highway closure in Seattle’s history.

The sheer math of it means about 90,000 vehicles not on the viaduct but instead pouring into downtown. There are ways to possibly prepare for and mitigate the expected massive traffic and gridlock. Get up earlier. Ride a bike to work. Perhaps walk. Check traffic reports and social media for daily updates and route recommendations. Work from home. If these are not good alternatives, and for many they’re not, the #Realign99 closure guarantees a challenging and stressful time for anyone traveling into and around the city, downtown and surrounding areas. Not a great way to prepare for work, as stress affects performance and productivity.

There’s another option. ATLAS Workbase at 5th and Mercer offers a state-of-the-art coworking facility, spacious and ergonomically designed for busy professionals and people who need to get work done. It has an array of shared workspaces and modern meeting rooms. The vibe is like a busy airport lounge coupled with some of the best networking in town. ATLAS Workbase members come from all the top industries, and represent just about every rung on the corporate and small business ladder. Most important, ATLAS Workbase has flexible pricing, including pay-only-for-time used and day pass options. Super ideal for popping in and out, setting up meetings, and the like.

Spending time in gridlock is a complete waste of time. If there’s a choice, and a good one, why not turn this upcoming nightmare commute into a pleasant dream? Use this time as a construction-break from the normal commute, and explore what the best in coworking has to offer.

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