Business Lunch Restaurants in Seattle

Set up business lunches in Seattle easily with our ATLAS Workbase’s guide to business lunches in Seattle. ATLAS looked at some downtown Seattle restaurants that make excellent locations for business lunches. We also offer some catering options if you don’t have time to sneak out of the office for a business lunch. (Note: Only weekday restaurant hours are noted for the context of this article.)

Best Business Lunch Locations Downtown

The Capital Grille

Address: 1301 4th Ave, Seattle, Wash., 98101

Phone: (206) 382-0900

Hours: Lunch runs from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. every weekday. The restaurant reopens later for dinner and the lounge is open all day.


If you’re looking for an upscale steakhouse for your business lunch, the Capital Grille is one of the best in town. They also serve excellent seafood and have a full wine bar. It is the type of place you will want to have a long lunch at, but has a professional setting that is appropriate for business lunches. Plus, it is located close to the heart of downtown near the art museum, Pike Place Market and many office buildings.

Red Cedar & Sage

Address: 1501 Pike Pl, Ste 200, Seattle, Wash., 98101 (at Post Alley)

Phone: (206) 538-0377

Hours: Closed Mondays. Open for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday – Friday.


Situated in the heart of Pike Place Market, Red Cedar & Sage aims to offer a true Pacific Northwest experience. Post Alley is an experience in and of itself, but once you get to the restaurant you’ll find true Seattle cuisine made from local, fresh ingredients similar to what you’ll find in the market itself. This all makes Red Cedar & Sage an excellent location for a business lunch, especially if you have visitors from outside the region. The restaurant can handle large groups and serves seafood, meat, pizza and even vegetarian dishes.

Intermezzo Carmine

Address: 409 1st Ave S., Seattle, Wash., 98104 (between King St and Jackson Street in Pioneer Square)

Phone: (206) 596-8940

Hours: 11:30 a.m. – midnight Monday – Thursday; 11:30 a.m. – 1 a.m. Friday


Intermezzo is located just a little south of true downtown, closer to the sports stadiums. Still, it should not prove far out of the way for most people looking to get lunch in or near downtown and it is well worth a little added distance. Intermezzo is the store front extension of the iconic Italian restaurant Il Terrazzo Carmine and it prides itself on continuing the traditions started there. It offers craft cocktails and Italian dishes that are made with an obvious love of tradition and Italian cooking.

Retro Restaurant & Lounge

Address: 216 Stewart St, Seattle, Wash., 98101 (between 3rd and 2nd ave)

Phone: (206) 441-7374

Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday – Friday


Retro prides itself on taking advantage of its location two blocks from Pike Place Market by using the fresh, local meat, poultry and produce from the market in its cooking every day. The restaurant owes its name to the 110 year history of the building it is hosted in. It is a much more casual and laid back experience than the other restaurants on this list, but if you are looking for a fun, quicker business lunch at an interesting location in downtown Seattle, the Retro has a lot of character and charm to offer. We don’t recommend it for formal business lunches, but it’s great for a team lunch or casual business lunch.

Purple Cafe and Wine Bar

Address: 1225 4th Ave, Seattle, Wash., 98101 (between Seneca St and University St)

Phone: (206) 829-2280

Hours: Monday – Thursday: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Friday 11 a.m. to midnight


With a seasonal wine list, downtown location and large, stylish space, Purple Cafe and Wine Bar has become a favorite for business lunches, going away parties and annual traditionals. Purple is very popular for large gatherings and groups who need a comfortable space for a nice lunch or dinner event. One of its main attractions is its excellent wine selection. Purple showcases this via the huge wine tower that spikes through the center of the restaurant and adds a sleek and modern atmosphere to the setting. The food ranges from comforting (Brie) to upscale (Veal Bolognese), but is sure to satisfy.  

Best Business Lunch Catering Options

Sometimes going out for lunch simply isn’t an option. It may be that you have too busy a day planned at the office. Or perhaps you have an off-site planned at ATLAS Workbase. Luckily, there are many excellent catering options available for Seattle businesses, including one of the restaurants we recommended above for business lunches.

Purple Cafe and Wine Bar

Phone: (206) 829-2280


In addition to being a fantastic website, Purple offers catering. They can do everything from box lunches to salads to sandwich platters – and everything in between. You can even order some of their hot entrees and desserts and have them catered. They will deliver your order to your office for free if you are located in the Puget Sound area or you can opt for full-service catering for your business lunch of event.

Chef Dane Catering

Phone: (206) 794-0812


Chef Dane started out working for other people. Now, he works for himself as the owner of Chef Dane Catering. The company services corporate, social and other events, including weddings. No matter the setting, the company takes pride in creating a menu customized to each client it works with, including corporate clients. You can design your own menu top to bottom to design a perfect corporate event.


Phone: (206) 866-9134


If you need coffee and cafe options for your business lunch, explore the options from Konvene. The cafe  makes excellent sandwiches to go along with its high-quality coffee. And they serve many local Seattle brands including Slate Coffee Roasters, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Macrina Bakery and more.

Great Feasts

Phone: (206) 328-2500


Great Feasts, serving the Seattle area, has more than 30 years of catering experience. They offer special corporate menus to make planning a business lunch easy. They are a little more casual than a service like Purple. Great Feasts is an excellent choice for a budget business lunch that you need catered.

Ravishing Radish

Phone: (206) 860-7449


Don’t get thrown off by Ravishing Radish’s website. While they do cater many weddings, they also serve businesses who need catering for lunches and other events. They’ve catered for some of the largest companies in the Seattle area, including Amazon and Microsoft, and are suitable for a range of events, from lunches to product launches to board meetings. They offer bar service as well as an extensive menu and pride themselves on using local, sustainable ingredients.  

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