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How To Choose The Best Coworking Spaces In Seattle

America’s gig economy and the rise of remote jobs and telecommuting have turned the idea of the professional work environment upside down. 

We all remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears; a little girl breaks and enters a home, vandalizes it, eats all the hapless family’s food and as the unkindest (and more than a little disturbing) cut of all, sleeps in each and every one of their beds.


Rise Of The Remote Worker

Rise Of The Remote Worker

Antisocial tendencies aside, a running theme throughout the story is perfection. Goldilocks sought perfection –not settling for her first option. The gig economy is very much the same – the perfect job, the perfect tasks, the perfect hours, everything needs to be just right. Including…where the work is done. 

A lot of remote jobs can be done from just about anywhere that has access to high-speed internet. Starbucks and other coffee houses are very nice once in a while. 

Libraries, bars, restaurants, malls and other places with public access will suffice, but these places tend to be very busy, and it makes concentrating on what might be focus intensive work a challenge. Also, the WIFI in each one of these locations tends to be sketchy, and are never anywhere near secure.


Goldilocks And The Perfect Workspace

Which leads us to the concept of coworking spaces. Coworking spaces have become the hot, new thing as people abandon traditional brick and mortar office settings for portable areas where they set up a laptop, tap into a properly secured data line and off they go. 

In Washington, where technology and innovation have created a fleet of remote and telecommuting workers, an entire industry has sprung up to provide independent wage earners a place to ply their trades. 


The Coming Of The Shared Workspace

Coming Of The Shared Workspace

These places have been named coworking spaces or shared workspaces, and finding the perfect one is kind of like Goldilocks’ quest for the “just right” bowl of porridge (minus the breaking and entering/vandalism part). These coworking spaces feature endless options from the mundane to the extravagant. 


So, for today’s enterprising telecommuter, how does one choose between them to find the best coworking space in Seattle?

The truth is, there is no single answer. The goalposts rest pretty much wherever the remote worker needs or wants them to. 

Different workers have different needs: 

  • are they designers or developers? 
  • Do they need uninterrupted quiet, or can they share space in a common area with other telecommuters? 
  • Do they need monitors? 
  • A landline? 
  • A mailing address? 
  • How good is the coffee? 

Choose the Best Coworking Space in Seattle

Choose The Best Coworking Space In Seattle

ATLAS Workbase was built upon the tenet of continually striving to provide the most professional, Flexible, and Affordable coworking space in Seattle. If this sounds like your Goldilocks option, read on.


ATLAS Workbase is Professional

The coworking space at ATLAS Workbase reflects its members’ status in life. Driven, successful pillars of the community work here. There are regular member events and public events, but you will not find constant distractions and disruptions from noisy office mates, or getting hit in the head with a football.

ATLAS Workbase is Flexible

ATLAS Workbase memberships are month-to-month, and you will not get locked into a long-term contract. There are a variety of membership options, which include part-time and full-time hours. You only pay for the time you need.

ATLAS Workbase is Affordable

ATLAS offers white-glove, first-class service at competitive rates to what you are paying now.

Join ATLAS Workbase Now And Get a Free Month*

There are many coworking space options in Seattle. All of these spaces are nice to look at, great amenities, and comparable pricing, but the work environments differ greatly. 

Is your current coworking space more of a hostel than a four-star hotel? If the answer is yes, then ATLAS Workbase is the place for you.


*New members to ATLAS Workbase will receive a FREE MONTH if you have term remaining on your current contract at another coworking space.

If you are thinking about moving to a different coworking space, contact the staff at ATLAS Workbase today and take advantage of this great offer.

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