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As a business traveler you need a location to serve as home base while you are in town. There are many coworking options in Seattle for business travelers. You could work from your hotel room, or a coffee shop. Or, you could upgrade to ATLAS Workbase–a professional, flexible and affordable coworking space conveniently located in Seattle.

Convenient Location

ATLAS Workbase sits at the corner 5th Avenue and Mercer Street, across the street from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and just a few blocks away from Amazon headquarters and Facebook. ATLAS is close to downtown and major hubs without having to deal with the noise or congestion.

Convenient Parking

ATLAS Workbase offers convenient 90 minute parking to our members and guests. Parking in Seattle is becoming more and more difficult. There are several local parking options including Seattle Center’s garage along with a parking lot across the street. 

Coworking Amenities for Business Travelers

Amenities give you options. You need a coworking space that works for you and your schedule, without sacrificing first class service and amenities. In addition to a convenient location and accessible parking, ATLAS members are provided with: full-service staff, which includes IT support, exquisite and professional decor, conference rooms, private workspaces, and workspace flexibility.

Give ATLAS Workbase a Try

There are many coworking options in Seattle for business travelers. ATLAS Workbase provides the most professional, flexible and affordable option. Day passes are available for as little as $19. If you are interested in making ATLAS Workbase your home base while you are in town, contact ATLAS today to get started!

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