seattle coworking or a coffee shop

There are several things to consider when deciding between coworking or a coffee shop. Price, Amenities, Flexibility, Professionalism all factor in. Coffee shops can be a good option when you are first starting out, but there will come a time when you need to upgrade in order to grow your business. Here are four reasons why ATLAS Workbase is better than a coffee shop.

Bathroom Breaks

What do you do with all of your stuff when you need to go to the bathroom at a coffee shop? Do you leave out in the open, worried someone might steal your laptop? Do you pack it all up and take it with you, worried that someone might take your prime spot by the window with the available power outlet. Coworking at ATLAS Workbase solves that problem for you. The coworking space is secured and our front desk is always staffed by a member of our ATLAS team.

Security and Flexibility

If you want to secure a good space to set your laptop and get working, you’ll probably need to get to the coffee shop early. Others work better later in the day. Coworking at ATLAS Workbase gives you the flexibility to work when it fits your schedule without having to worry about whether or not you can find a work space and an available power outlet.

Networking and Professional Development

Working from a coffee shop can be good people-watching but it rarely has any use to your business. ATLAS Workbase on the other hand can be a source and connection to other professionals with skills and knowledge that could aid and assist your own business.

In addition to hosting weekly events for other professional development groups, ATLAS Workbase also offers regular events exclusively for its members to help them grow personally and professionally.

Convenient Parking at ATLAS Workbase

With a convenient location at 5th and Mercer, it is close to major highways and bus routes without having to deal with the congestion of downtown Seattle.

If you’re interested in learning more, or want to tour our coworking space, please contact us here.

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