The Coworking Hostel

A lot of coworking spaces compete for the coolest aesthetic, but not always a professional work environment. The coworking spaces create a loud and vibrant environment for young startups to work and play. It is kind of like working in a hostel, or college dormitory.

Is your coworking space more of a party than a place of productivity? Are your fellow coworking mates more concerned with what is in the kegerator than what is on the to-do list? Is the daily sound of ping-pong, ping-pong at 2:30 pm making you cringe? If so, you may be in a coworking hostel.

Staying in a hostel may have been fun when you started out, but as you grow up things change. As a seasoned professional, wouldn’t you rather stay in a four-star hotel if the price was right? Of course you would.

Coworking Amenities

ATLAS Workbase members require a coworking space that works for them and their schedules, with first class service and amenities. Members are provided with: full-service concierge, on-site IT support; convenient access to nearby parking; convenient location, close to major transit hubs but away from the stress of downtown; exquisite and state-of-the-art professional decor; conference rooms; private workspace; and workspace flexibility.

Part Time Coworking Space Options

All of your needs have been anticipated to make your experience as convenient and flexible as possible. If you are someone who only needs a part time coworking space, you have the option of purchasing a bank of hours each month that provides the flexibility and affordability to fit your needs. You only pay for the time you need. There will not be a padded bill with mystery charges and extra add-ons.

Professional Coworking Environment

Many ATLAS Workbase members have families or external obligations, which means their time is extremely crunched. They need a place where they can be “heads down” for two to six hours in a day before picking the kids up from school or attending a board meeting. They do not necessarily need their own office every day (and all of the overhead that comes with that), but they do need a professional work environment where they can bring clients for meetings that will complement their business and services.

Give ATLAS Workbase a try for free and see if you agree that this is the most professional, flexible and affordable coworking space in Seattle.

ATLAS Workbase is the home of Professional Coworking Space

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