One of the best things about coworking at ATLAS Workbase is Konvene Coffee, just a great little spot where you can grab a cup of Slate Coffee or artisanal tea, a breakfast bite, or perhaps one of their amazing sandwiches or awesome salads. Breakfast, lunch, or just a quick snack, Konvene provides a tasty turn. You know at ATLAS Workbase we are all about making the day’s experience the best it can possibly be…for you!  So Rony and Rene, the husband and wife team behind Konvene, want you to know that their kitchen is your kitchen. They are “present and listening to you!” Got a special request or powerful crave? Don’t be bashful, step right up and Rony will do his best to make it happen (some of you may already know about the secret breakfast item. Hint: it has Mama Lil’s peppers). Got a permanent menu suggestion, well Rony is all ears. Catering requirements are handled with ease.

Of course, EVERYTHING at Konvene is made to order. It’s the way they drizzle the oil, how they hand toss the salad, it’s that perfect Macrina ciabatta bun Rony searched for, toasted just right that makes all the difference (you may be wondering why that Roast Beef and horseradish sandwich tastes so good. Now you know why). 

Rony and Rene are not food newbies, having owned and operated Crepe De France, the hidden little gem in Pike Place Market since 1991. That wonderful creperie is part of the backstory of how Konvene came to be, because surprise, it’s a favorite of ATLAS Workbase CEO Bill Sechter, who got to know the couple on his frequent pilgrimages because he can’t fly to Paris every weekend. Thus  Konvene, a Cafe , that caters to the business set, with a business-minded menu served with personal, connected touch, was conceptualized and born. Konvene is also an integral part the local community fabric, and hosts Saturday community events for folks in the neighborhood,

One thing we also want to mention is, in the future you may see wine and beer served at Konvene and live music get-togethers during the early evening.

Hope that built up your appetite or perhaps now you know just a little bit more about that always-smiling face behind the food…and the counter.

Oh yeah, one more thing: make sure to check out Konvene’s daily specials!


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