Chad Brandt sitting with his wife Julie, daughter Lily and newborn son James

Did you know that your website might not be accessible to people with visual impairments? For example, images on your website or blog need text descriptions so screen readers can describe those pictures to visually impaired users.

Assistive Technology

In fact, the majority of websites are not accessible to individuals that use assistive technology. It’s not just those with visual limitations — it spans a wide audience from the elderly to those with severe motor impairments. Making your website accessible to the disabled is already mandatory for some companies and will be required for most in the near future. Many of these policies fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and look to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for compliance standards. These initiatives ensure that those with limitations can get the information they need to manage their lives. Most of that information is now digital, via web and mobile apps. Just as stores have ramps and elevators for wheelchair users, websites and applications need to become accessible to those with disabilities.


Now it’s time for me to come clean… I didn’t know these things either. That is, I didn’t know them until I met Chad Brandt, founder of twosparks. Chad is another ATLAS Workbase member who is making moves in the Seattle tech scene. While some companies’ and agencies’ websites and apps are accessible, most are not. Nine of 10 are not. twosparks helps these companies become compliant and therein reach a larger audience. In addition to accessibility compliance, Chad also helps businesses with their digital presence. He has copious expertise from his days as a technologist at REI and AKQA (a global agency where he worked in DC with Delta Air Lines, US Postal Service and AARP).

Family Time

Chad was drawn to ATLAS Workbase for its professionalism. He loves the staff support and is impressed with the look and feel of the space. He and his wife live in the neighborhood. He finds ATLAS Workbase much more conducive to productivity than bouncing around Seattle coffee shops. He and his wife have their hands full with two-year-old Lilyan and five-month-old James. When he’s home he enjoys chasing after them…all the time!

If your company could use some help making your website available to a broader audience, say hello to Chad at twosparks, another Seattle venture headquartered at ATLAS Workbase.

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