Luminaries: Leslie Feinzaig

The ATLAS Workbase Luminaries series highlights ATLAS Members who are challenging conventional norms and driving business changes.

Leslie Feinzaig wears many hats. She’s quite busy and also somehow magically-grounded. First and foremost, she is a loving mother of Dora, a precocious 1-year-old named after Leslie’s grandmother. Dora is in good hands under Leslie and her husband Micah. You may have seen Dora attending one of Leslie’s many events, including the events she hosts for Female Founders Alliance (FFA). Dora is also the chief product tester for Venture Kits, which Leslie founded.

Venture Kits

Venture Kits are games that teach kids leadership skills and to build their problem-solving skills. Our society has a particular concentration on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills. However, Leslie maintains that software development is going to change the landscape of employment in the next generation. The next generation will require strong human skills, not technical ones. Empathy. Listening. Dynamic Problem Solving. Venture Kits allow kids to learn “human skills” through experimentation within safe confines. Parenthood was the inspiration for this business venture, Leslie wants her daughter to succeed no matter what she does—and to do that, Leslie wants her daughter to be resilient.

Female Founders Alliance

Leslie has experienced some of the societal headwinds of running a company as a woman and a minority. She has overcome many of these challenges and as an opportunity to give back, she created the Female Founders Alliance. FFA was created to provide an equal shot for the next wave of female leaders. The Alliance launched their first “Founder’s Showcase this past May. This event featured 8 members with bold and real ambitions pitching in front of their peers and angel investors. FFA is in growth-mode and is looking for more sponsors. Contact FFA if you would like to join the momentum.

ATLAS Workbase and FFA

ATLAS Workbase is an official sponsor of the Female Founder’s Alliance. They provide a professional workspace for the leadership team. The space offers comfortable seating and also the privacy of confined spaces to talk candidly about financials. She loves the flexibility of being able to spend the whole day or part of the day in the space. ATLAS provides the ability to concentrate and the ability to collaborate.

ATLAS is very happy to support FFA, Venture Kits, and is proud to call Leslie a member.

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