“A brand is a reason to choose.” Fred Burt, Siegel+Gale

Entering a crowded marketplace getting more crowded by the day, “brand” and “choice” become even more critically intertwined. In a space that is all about spaces, it is the brand that must convey a sense of strength and purpose, and drive the strong, connective bonds that precede choice.

ATLAS Workbase is often asked about the history, reasoning and meaning of its name and logo. Let’s take a step back and go on a brand journey to find just how this was accomplished.

A brand comes together, sometimes slowly. ATLAS Workbase is a space where members not only work but also conduct business. At first “Conduct” was an excellent descriptor for the vision of how members would utilize the space. Conduct business. Conduct self. Conduct with others. Actualize through meaningful work. Yet there was a sense that this wasn’t enough.

The “ATLAS” brand name fully emerged after it was market tested against both “Conduct” and a second choice, “Base”. Now all three comprise the brand’s identity system. It was determined that ATLAS would be the lead word of the name but “Work” also had to be integrated as a key descriptor. “Base” delivers not only strength but also conveys the feeling that ATLAS Workbase provides its members with a base to conduct business, not “just a place to work.” Conduct drives the tagline.

As the brand identity developed and evolved, the ATLAS story-as-a-brand flourished. This story must live at the core of the brand name and be the originating source from which all other brand expressions can grow.

ATLAS, the Titan god of astronomy and navigation, conveys that ATLAS shines upon business no matter how small, the strength and direction to succeed. ATLAS, the first king of Atlantis, lifted the heavens and is a metaphor for this new kind of ATLAS Workbase, which also helps lift its member businesses to new heights. ATLAS, also known as a collection of maps, offers a strong will and the guidance to navigate the professional world; buttressed by its mighty hand, it helps to orient the business, no matter how rough or calm the seas.

Looking visually now at the ATLAS brand, it is an identity that is timeless, simple, professional, tailored, approachable, and modern. The identity is not only uniquely identifiable, but also meaningful, and memorable. The polish and strength in the visual identity are achieved through the thoughtful and deliberate ATLAS elements including the ICON, WORDMARK, DESCRIPTOR, and TAGLINE.

The ICON is comprised of an all-encompassing circle representing the globe, or the heavens and celestial sphere. The Triangle that sits above the Base signifies the success and ascension of one’s business and points north for direction and guidance. The Base below the Triangle provides the foundation and headquarters to conduct one’s business –  the stable platform, support, and community. Finally, there is the hidden “A” that is seen in the negative space around the Triangle and Base. The “A” is abstract but brings the unique letterform of the “A” in ATLAS into the ICON. This signifies the name ATLAS subliminally, even when used alone without the WORDMARK.

The WORDMARK is intended to be modern, clean, and timeless. It uses the DESCRIPTOR “Workbase” to identify the product within the market and describe the difference between ATLAS Workbase and its competitors. The TAGLINE is crucial in furthering the differentiation between similar products in the marketplace.

Indeed, ATLAS Workbace is not only a place to “do work” but rather a place to “conduct business.”

Lastly, The ATLAS Worbace color system is curated to be neutral, timeless, and sophisticated. The color system emphasizes the brand’s personality, but still offers flexibility and consistency with the use of a more vibrant secondary color pallet.

Brand and Choice are further reflected in the ATLAS Workbase values:

  •      Courage and Boldness – Challenge the conception of “business as usual” and enable those seeking to improve, change and disrupt whatever industry they may be in.
  •      Community Engagement – Investing back into the community causes a ripple effect of learning, development and growth that pays it forward to this business and the mission.
  •      Customer Connection – Enable and support networking and collaboration of like-minded members, because the value of connection, support and exchange is priceless.
  •      Service – Members & their guest come first, thus providing the highest standards of care and service are always paramount.
  •      Integrity – Commit to treating every person with the highest level of integrity and respect.

Today, the ATLAS Workbase “brand” reflects the company’s singular mission to reinvent the coworking space and elevate the entire business community it works within. At the same time, ATLAS Workbase is the “choice” for customers who seek excellence in every aspect of a work environment.

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