Planning a Meetup is a bit of a hero’s trial.

It requires an ounce of courage, a pound of persistence, and then another pound of persistence. The ounce of courage is the part that you need to create the Meetup on the Meetup site and to push “publish.” The first pound of persistence is for the recruiting that comes before, during, and after you push “publish.” The recruiting never stops—its more attendees, speakers, and sponsorship. The last pound of persistence is making sure the event is truly ready to go. The social media is working to drive growth. The venue is set, the drinks are put out, the snacks walk the tightrope of nutritious and healthy that are required in Seattle. **sigh** There’s a lot to do.

Find a Venue

Now for the bad news.

On the Meetup Help Center, under the topic “Find a Meetup venue”, Meetup more or less tells the Meetup host to “find a venue that works for their audience.” Uh, we already know to do that. We were coming to the help page to help us figure out HOW to do that. We were hoping Meetup would give us a preferred list of venues, but alas, they do not. This is the second pound of persistence at its finest.  In addition to the unending task of recruitment, there’s also the operational hurdles to success.

Venue Availability and Flexibility

There are some helpful tips on the “Find a Meetup venue” help channel, including:

  • How many people are coming?
  • What are we going to do at the Meetup?
  • Will there be any special guests?

Each venue will have different capacity, seating configurations, AV capabilities, and location within the Emerald City. It’s difficult to parse it down.

Host your Meetup at ATLAS Workbase

Now for the good news.

ATLAS Workbase is a professional setting for serious leaders to create lasting impressions and to unlock new insights. We are very proud of our professional and flexible settings and we want to talk with you about the possibility of sponsoring your Meetup. Our space can easily accommodate the most intimate group of a handful to the expansive groups of hundred or more. We have cozy corners and open floor plans. Whatever your Meetup needs, we’ll find a spot that works for you conveniently in lower Queen Anne.

We know you have a ton to do and we want your Meetup to go perfectly. We’ll gladly take one large item off your to-do list.

Email Kim today to solve the Venue problem for your Meetup.

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