One of the great things about conducting business at ATLAS Workbase is the onsite FedEx Office store. ATLAS Workbase members know they are just footsteps away from accessing the best shipping company on the planet. Quite a few ATLAS Workbase members are small businesses owners, entrepreneurs and consultants wearing many hats. The ability to get important packages shipped from here to there on practically a moment’s notice, without leaving the building, is critical. Time is money as the saying goes.

Because of its coveted Lower Queen Anne location, this busy FedEx store also serves many customers coming in off the street. Despite its small footprint, this is a store that can accomplish anything that a typical store can.

Either way, when dropping off that package or parcel, it’s Byron Miller, FedEx Office Center Manager and a consummate customer service professional, who is the person in charge.

“FedEx understands that ATLAS Workbase is part of a brand new movement that caters to small businesses and entrepreneurs. They are the face of coworking. Providing the full gamut of FedEx services to this customer base is at the heart of what FedEx Office offers. To be part of that entrepreneurial spirit at ATLAS Workbase is a perfect mix,” says Miller.

Speaking of services, some may think that FedEx is just a great company that helps get packages shipped. But FedEx offers much more.

“Most everyone is aware that FedEx can ship practically anything, but the company offers a vast array of additional services. This includes packing services, so even if the package is oddly shaped or super-heavy, FedEx has the knowledge and experience to do get it done quickly; and in the best way possible that protects the package and ensures it arrives in the same condition it shipped. Customers should also know that FedEx handles printing, such as banners, brochures, signs, and so on. Direct mail is also another resource FedEx provides,” says Miller.  

Indeed, it’s all about knowing the resources one has at hand.

Says Miller, “Lots of people who come into ATLAS Workbase conduct interviews or make presentations. Working at warp speed oftentimes they need last-minute fixes to create these materials, with a mandate to make their brand “pop” and stand-out. That is something that FedEx specializes in and excels at, and when it’s needed, FedEx should be at the top of the list.”

It’s not just small jobs either. “With the FedEx network, the ATLAS Workbase store has the ability and access to get just about anything done, from almost anywhere in the country. It also means, from this store, we can handle a mass production order, and ship those materials anywhere,” offers Miller.

Another area that FedEx Office excels at is creating branded promotional products, such as drinkware, T-shirts, tote bags, pens and the like. Nothing is too out of the ordinary for Miller to handle, even branded chopsticks! In a recent case, a customer requested a huge banner be created that could easily be folded up like a tablecloth. While that’s not something that FedEx typically does, the answer from Miller, of course, was, ‘no problem that can be done!’

For Miller, these type of requests underscore that virtually no marketing idea is too crazy, because for him and his colleagues, it’s all about creating and fulfilling solutions that help enhance and drive business for its small business customers.

As such, as Miller also explained, FedEx Office recently teamed up with Modsocket, an innovative marketing company that specializes in small business needs. “Small Business owners can go to the FedEx Small Business Site and through Modsocket, get access to a complimentary custom marketing consultation and a complimentary marketing plan, created with their budget and unique needs in mind.”

There are some differences in working at an inhouse store. “The biggest difference in what this store does is that here, our main focus is the ATLAS Workbase community and building those relationships. But otherwise, it’s fairly similar to any other store. Only a little smaller,” offers Miller.

According to Miller, “FedEx Office and ATLAS Workbase share a similar vision, which is to create solutions for the modern workforce that drives productivity and innovation.”

To that, says Miller, he was “brought to this position to think about new ways to connect with ATLAS Workbase members”. His mission: to let them know that FedEx can “move worlds if needed, and deliver for customers the best solution–from the simplest to the most complex or intricate challenge, no matter where in the world they might need it.”

Miller says he likes to walk the corridors at ATLAS Workbase, to get to know the members better, and he’s always looking for new ways to reach out, such as a brown bag/meet and greet he’s planning.

With that in mind, one final point for Miller is that ATLAS Workbase members should know they can have a conversation anytime about the multiple business solutions FedEx offers. “FedEx Office can do pretty much anything to fit the business needs that ATLAS Workbase members require. Just come on in, talk to us and we’ll figure it out!”

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