Space Builders take a Space at ATLAS Workbase

Construction projects both big and small have many moving parts. Each worker has a specific role to play, a specific task to complete. Linked together they form the cogs vital to project success. Each cog dependent upon the other.

Exxel Pacific provides valuable pre-construction services to many clients and believes the time spent early in development provides for a higher quality project. With its strong reputation of honesty, integrity and high ethical values, the company is recognized as an industry leader in both commercial and multi-tenant residential construction.

Construction companies are not the typical kind of firm one finds at a coworking facility. Like many other ‘old school’ industries, it has been slow to react to fast-moving trends impacting how people collaborate and get work done. Forward-thinking companies like Exxel Pacific are beginning to take advantage with spaces like ATLAS Workbase that cater to executive-level needs.

Matt Stodola is Director of Field Operations for Exxel Pacific and wears many hats, including project staffing, talent acquisition, and employee development. Bridging the gap between field and project management, Matt also oversees and collaborates with a staff of industry leading project Superintendents and oversees the company’s quality control teams. It requires continuous site visits, keeping a pulse on projects and any issues/concerns that come up in the field.

At the time of this writing this Exxel Pacific had 25 projects under construction. This makes Matt a very busy man. While Matt has an office in the company’s Bellingham corporate office, it’s out of the way relative to the projects and people Matt oversees and collaborates with in Seattle. He can work out of the company’s Aurora office, however it is not conveniently located or configured for the various needs Matt has in his role.  

As the conduit between field and corporate, what Matt really needed was a cost-effective, flexible and more conveniently located workbase he could pop in and out of; with a versatile and professional work environment conducive to doing everything from small, intimate staff meetings to managing virtual meetings with distributed teams with quiet spaces, to getting his own daily work tasks done efficiently.

Matt is pretty hands on having worked his way up from a carpenter to his current position. In this case, Matt cheated a bit on his search: it just so happens that Exxel Pacific did the retrofit of the old Office Max space, turning it into the ATLAS Workbase that now occupies the space at 500 Mercer Street!

“Having built ATLAS Workbase and knowing what was put into it made the decision to work out of it pretty easy. From employee reviews to meeting with subcontractors, to hopping into a phone booth to take a private call, to the variety of workspaces, it fills the gap and then some between having a main office and working out of home,” says Stodola. “On top of that, the pay-for-usage model is brilliant for anyone who requires those things yet is out of the office all the time. It’s a great model,” continued Stodola.

Taking full advantage of the ATLAS Workbase flexible usage pricing plans also means that with anywhere from 40-60 folks on the approved Exxel list the all of the management team can use ATLAS Workbase. “We hold our “all hands” quarterly meetings at ATLAS which is around 60 employees locally, the large meeting space at ATLAS works perfectly and the provided technology works great for connecting our teams in different cities”

Says Stodola, “ATLAS Workbase has become a preferred resource for client and employee meetings because of the variety of meeting spaces and availability. The conventional office space at Aurora is good for permanent employee offices and as a bullpen for employees before they deploy to projects. Most of the managers using the Atlas space for meetings are not permanently located at Exxel’s Aurora office so utilizing the flexible spaces at ATLAS is smart, efficient, and cost effective.”

Working in construction, there’s another, albeit subtle advantage that ATLAS Workbase delivers for Matt: “ATLAS Workbase certainly provides that high-end, professional look and feel. Customers and partners are intrigued when they arrive, but they know a place like this, if leased or owned, would be a money drain. Instead, it amplifies the out-of-the-box thinking and a frugal approach that is core to Exxel and fantastic messaging to convey. Plus, the space is a walking advertisement and example of the great work Exxel delivers,” says Stodola.

With intimate knowledge of ATLAS Workbase and it’s infrastructure, was there anything that surprised this erstwhile carpenter turned construction expert when he started working out of ATLAS Workbase?  

“For starters, the versatility of the different offices and workspaces is impressive. For example if you like to stand and work, the Steelcase workstations are set up very well with sit/stand options. Second, the customer service and people who staff ATLAS Workbase are awesome and are well above expectations. Third, Konvene Cafe is great, the sandwiches and coffee are remarkably good! Lastly, the gender neutral bathrooms.”  

On that last point, somewhere in Seattle, ATLAS Workbase cofounder Bill Sechter is smiling.


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