Meeting spaces are ideal gathering places for business professionals. The benefits of coworking spaces include everything that individual offices offer, and then some. ATLAS Workbase, a stunning building with work areas galore, is the type of coworking space that will leave you wondering why you work anywhere else.

Location of Meeting Space Near Amazon Headquarters

ATLAS Workbase
500 Mercer Street
Seattle WA 98109

ATLAS Workbase is a premium meeting space in Seattle, WA. Located on the corner of Mercer Street and 5th Avenue, ATLAS is situated between Lower Queen Anne and South Lake Union. These neighborhoods are professional environments with entrepreneurs, technical engineers, lawyers, medical personnel, and IT experts, to name a few. Seattle is home to numerous startups, local businesses, and well-established global companies.

Amazon is one of these companies. Traveling professionals come to call on Amazon employees and they need to find meeting space in order to collaborate, plan sales calls, and strategize with their peers. ATLAS Workbase is the perfect place for hosting business meetings, gathering large groups of professionals, or increasing productivity during brief windows of free time.

When it comes to finding a place to work, the bustling vibe of the Amazon Headquarters location is not ideal nor is a hotel room or lobby. There are no meeting spaces on campus for outside vendors, so look no further than ATLAS Workbase! Take your business meeting away from the crowds and host your partners at Seattle’s most distinguished coworking space.

Types and Rates of Seattle Meeting Spaces

ATLAS Workbase has a variety of workspaces to choose from, ranging in size and function. From conference rooms to event spaces and meeting areas, ATLAS offers all kinds of places for collaboration between coworkers.

The Lounge. Described as the next-generation “Third Place,” the Lounge is a combination of an airplane lounge and a sophisticated high-end club. Together, with the partnerships of Steelcase, Philips Lighting, and Gensler, ATLAS Workbase created a place like no other, in all the best ways possible. The Lounge is an open-seating environment with areas for casual conversation and focused workspaces. Whether you are having an informal meeting or you need some heads-down work time, the Lounge is a comfortable area to get work done.

The Concourse includes Flex Desks, Workbase offices, and Enterprise offices. From tabletops in open places, to tucked-away flex desks that offer more privacy, the Concourse has a lot of variety to accommodate individual preferences. From flex desks to workbase offices and enterprise offices, the Concourse is an ideal space for productivity, collaboration, and success.

Workbase Offices. The Concourse offers many different settings suiting many different workstyles, so you can conduct business in a private, quiet, and professional environment. The Workbase offices are optimized for productivity, no matter what type of work you need to complete. All you’ll need to do is reserve a room prior to your visit. You may also reserve office spaces throughout ATLAS upon your arrival, but it is best to inform us of your need for a certain space ahead of time. We will do all that we can to accommodate your needs at any moment.

Enterprise Offices are enclosed workstations with sliding doors and functional locks to ensure absolute privacy. Avoid interruption with these marvelous office rooms.

Meeting and Event Spaces. From boardrooms to event spaces and conference rooms, ATLAS has spacious areas for all types of meetings and events. Our larger spaces can host upwards of 90 people. Our state-of-the-art AV capabilities ensure connectivity and modern architecture promotes professionalism. Our fully furnished boardroom style spaces are perfect for executive meetings.

Virtual Offices are another feature that ATLAS Workbase offers. When you utilize ATLAS as your Seattle-based headquarters, you receive a physical address for your business. We provide you with your own unique suite number. Virtual offices are wonderful for the traveling professional. Virtual offices are well-suited for anyone who wants a location to tie to their Yelp or Google pages. They also benefit people who work from home but prefer a separation between work and personal mail.

Packages that arrive at ATLAS in your name will be held for you until you are able to pick them up in person. With a FedEx Office located inside of ATLAS, collecting your inbound mail and sending packages has never been easier. Mail forwarding is also available as needed. Learn more about the benefits of virtual office spaces.

Rates of ATLAS Workbase Meeting Spaces in Seattle

ATLAS Workbase is an intentionally-designed infrastructure that provides a professional atmosphere for people in all industries to compile projects, host conferences, and work on assignments. Whether you live locally or you’re visiting Seattle on a business trip, ATLAS Workbase is pleased to have you.

ATLAS Workbase extends day passes to visitors for the purpose of accommodating their short-term usage. Day passes are available for the Lounge, as well as the Workbase Offices and Flex Desks, both of which are located in the Concourse.

The Lounge.

  • Day passes start at $19/day.
  • Monthly plans start at $199/month.

The Concourse.

  • Flex Desks.
    • Day passes start at $55/day.
    • Monthly plans start at $299/month.
  • Workbase Offices.
    • Day passes start at $55/day.
    • Monthly plans start at $379/month.
  • Enterprise Offices.
    • Monthly rates start at $1495/month.

Meeting and Event Spaces.

  • Hourly rates start at $45/hour.
  • Discounts are available for members.

Virtual Offices.

  • Hourly rates start at $39/hour.

Feel free to contact ATLAS Workbase via for questions or options regarding prices.

Seattle Meeting Space Amenities

ATLAS extends many amenities as part of its membership. Many complimentary services are also available for guests and people renting space at ATLAS Workbase. As a guest at ATLAS Workbase, you will have full access to our high-end kitchen area, delicious snack bar, endless drip coffee, With a membership at ATLAS Workbase, your amenities extend to include stainless steel lockers, marvelous spa showers, and so much more.

  • Intentionally designed work environment
    The intricacy and thoughtful layout of ATLAS was designed with comfort in mind. ATLAS offers controlled lighting to aid in productivity. Spacious seating helps members feel that their workspace is private and their own. While working, members are never confined to one workspace. Movement throughout the work day is encouraged.
  • Flexible membership packages
    ATLAS extends flexibility in its membership packages. Members have the option to select the package that makes the most sense to them based on their needs. There are full time, half time and quarter time packages. Day passes for occasional use are available as well.
  • Unrivaled Network
    ATLAS is equipped with high-speed 10Gbps internet. There are numerous secured access points throughout the Workbase. The advanced audio-visual capabilities allow for audible, smooth communication with distant clients and partners.
  • Mail and package services
    There is a FedEx Office within ATLAS Workbase. FedEx holds onto packages that arrive until the member is able to pick them up in person. Members are given the option to take advantage of the Virtual Office utilizing the ATLAS business address as their own.
  • Multipurpose meeting spaces
    ATLAS has workstations suitable for smaller groups and event spaces that can accommodate upwards of 90 people at a time. Additional options are available for even larger parties as well. Let ATLAS Workbase be your gathering place for meetings, collaborations, and discussions.
  • Workplace options
    The Concourse and Lounge exude professionalism. Designed by world-renowned architecture firm Gensler, furnished by ATLAS partner Steelcase and illuminated with the help of Phillips Lightning, ATLAS is an excellent place to conduct business.
  • IT Support
    ATLAS has Technical Service Agents ready and able to assist with technical issues that arise. They are very proficient at resolving technological problems, like connecting your computers to the ATLAS network or audio/visual equipment.
  • Additional services
    Concourse members are treated with spa showers including towel service, lockers, complimentary beverages, and communal kitchen space. The Concierge team is ready to aid in productivity, elevating members to a place where their workflow and efficiency can thrive.
  • Welcoming and friendly
    The doors of ATLAS are always open to members, guests, and other visitors. The Concierges are experts in hospitality and make it their mission to ensure everyone’s experience at ATLAS is phenomenal.

Book a tour of ATLAS Workbase and reserve a day pass in your name today!

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