With evolving trends in the workplace, business owners are gravitating to shared office spaces. As many startup companies and even long-standing businesses have come to realize, the concept of a 9-5 job is no longer the norm. Utilizing a shared office space offers flexibility as well as some quirky benefits that business owners and employees might not realize.

Shared Office Spaces: Flexible Lease Terms

A co-working space provides a different perspective to the typical building management company. There’s a level of flexibility that comes associated with the rental of a co-working space. A company is able to find a perfect package without the binding long-term lease agreement. Many shared offices allow a business to try out their space before committing to a contract.

Shared Office Spaces: Flexible Office Configuration

Additionally, employees are not confined to a specific work area. The shared office space also provides a unique work environment that is designed to fit a variety of working styles. The design of the space is geared to a wide range of employees rather than a specific facility manager’s intent. This allows employees to choose what environment works best for them. ATLAS Workbase offers comfy lounge chairs, breakout rooms, conference rooms, or a more-traditional desk.


Parking! While this may not be the case with all co-working spaces, ATLAS Workbase is happy to provide a large parking lot in Queen Anne.  Queen Anne is much more accessible than the downtown hustle and bustle, especially for residents in Magnolia, Ballard, Fremont, Wallingford, and the U District. While not in the heart of downtown, there are still plenty of amenities including great restaurants within walking distance.

The Economics of Commercial Real Estate

Location, location, location. So often, with the rising cost of real estate, businesses are forced to occupy remote neighborhoods or less than desirable areas in order to afford an office space. This contends with commuting challenges. Shared office environments are available for rent at a lower monthly cost, which allows business owners to locate their space in an easily accessible area that is more-centrally located.

The Fluidity of the Modern Work Day

Many companies allow their employees to telecommute in order to ease the burden of traffic distance and expense. Further, some businesses force their employees to telecommute due to limited office space. Joining a shared office environment provides more office space at a lower rate to get employees back into the office while still allowing those on an existing remote work setup to engage with those in the physical space.

Shared Office Space Equals Flexibility

Co-working environments provide flexibility to employers and their workers without having to compromise one’s business structure in a variety of unique ways.

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