Seattle: The “Can-Do” Capital of the World

Seattle has a vibrant startup scene, at the core of the city is the very startup mentality. If you can dream it, you can build it in this city. Our rich labor market is full of dizzying intellects. From the most-innovative and efficient engineers to the most creative designers, this town has got it. Seattle is the “Can-Do” capital of the world. Whether you are creating something in the Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, or any other cutting-edge technology—it can be done in Seattle, and it probably will.

Startup Flexibility: Physical and Financial

While the potential for every startup in Seattle is limitless, the reality is that it isn’t easy. One of the downsides of such a vibrant labor market, magical mountain vistas, and gorgeous waterways is our very real affordability crisis. This challenge is most noticeable in housing, but its also noticeable in downtown office rents. If your startup has some legs, you should tread lightly before deciding to be in the heart of downtown, whether in a traditional office setting or in a coworking space. The reality is that office rents can put a very quick and sizable dent in your burn rate.

Atlas Workbase: Seattle Coworking Space with Financial Flexibility

There is a new solution in the Coworking Space. Instead of fighting the rent wars downtown and the traffic congestion, consider Atlas Workbase on Mercer Street. It is more accessible to residents on the North End and bus traffic makes the location even easier. Most importantly, however, is the ala-carte pricing on their office space. The ability to buy a bank of hours and use them differently each day, whether you want to concentrate in your own space one day, host clients another day, or mingle with other brilliant entrepreneurs another day is a level of service unmatched in coworking spaces.

Atlas Workbase: Focus on your Startup

There is no worse feeling than paying for shared office space and only using it a few days a week. If you are not using it that day at Atlas Workbase, we won’t charge you for it. If your startup is one of the many that is trying that has a legitimate shot in this town, but you could use some financial flexibility in your shared office space, it’s time to stop by and start with your introductory 3-day pass.

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