Techstars Startup Week Seattle 2017 is coming

Are you ready? This’ year’s Startup Week already has over 160 sessions scheduled. Additionally, this year’s programming reaches well beyond the traditional tech startup industry.

Techstars Startup Week Seattle (TSWS) will take place from October 2nd to October 6th, with events taking place all over the city, including ATLAS Workbase. Powered by Chase for Business, this year’s Startup Week is taking a different approach from year’s past. “We’re reaching beyond the technical and expanding into a lot areas that are new to Startup Week,” says Elizabeth Ringwald, Director of Marketing for TSWS.

New Education Tracks at Techstars Startup Week Seattle

This year TSWS will still have plenty of sessions in the education tracks of tech and entrepreneurship. However, entrepreneurship touches more than just tech startups. “[Startup Week] is a celebration of entrepreneurs across a wide swath of industries,” says Ringwald.

TSWS 2017 will include many new educational tracks to reach new audiences. These new educational tracks will focus on artificial intelligence, real estate technology, retail and manufacturing, music, art, food and beverage technology, fashion and beauty, hardware, and military innovation.

Almost all sessions will be multidisciplinary to appeal to a wide range of entrepreneurs in a variety of areas.

Diversity and Inclusion at Techstars Startup Week Seattle

Diversity and inclusion has previously been a track of its own in previous years. This year, there is a strong push by the organizing committee to bring a wide array of speakers. “Across all of the tracks we have a real effort to bring in a diverse group of presenters, who have not had a chance to be on panels or lead workshops before, in order to increase diversity and equity in the Seattle startup community,” said Ringwald.

Why You Should Attend Techstars Startup Week Seattle

TSWS is for everyone. “[It’s] a great place for people that are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship in a variety of areas,” says Ringwald.

Techstars Startup Week Seattle Schedule Coming Soon

The full schedule of events will be released after Labor Day. Until then, you can pre-register on the Techstars Startup Week Seattle website. Be the first to be notified when the schedule goes live! We look forward to seeing you at TSWS 2017!

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