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Find Out if a Temporary Office Space is the Best Choice for You

Companies and their workers are more mobile and disparate than ever before. Couple that with so many new coworking options offering temporary office space, it’s no wonder many small businesses and business units and/or remote teams of larger companies are rethinking their physical office spaces, shedding the permanent overhead that comes with it.


Upkeep and Downsides of Permanent Office Spaces

Maintaining a permanent office space also means:

  • Equipment lease and maintenance costs
  • Less flexibility for employees with required traveling/commuting
  • Higher payroll due to the need to hire a front-office receptionist/office manager
  • Increased marketing costs as a result of required signage
  • Smaller hiring pool due to location requirements


Paying For A Temporary Office Space Vs. A Permanent One

Here’s another compelling fact: nearly 10 percent of a small business’ expenditures are on office space and related expenses – ranking behind only employee wages and inventories (Priceonomics).

Of course, generally speaking for small and large businesses alike it’s pretty expensive to rent office space in a prime location in a major downtown. In Seattle, rental prices for commercial have risen to $36.76 a square foot, 7.5% higher than a year ago (The Seattle Times). Those are hard numbers to keep up with and another compelling reason to consider temporary office space.


Flexible Office Spaces – Ideal For People With Varying Needs

With many different types of rooms to choose from, you can be sure that your needs are going to be met in a place like ATLAS Workbase. Big rooms, small rooms, conference rooms with tables to match, multimedia rooms, as well as more private spaces, this is what flexibility is all about.

Check out all of the different types of spaces we offer – there’s even a Virtual Tour with a floorplan (scroll down). Now you can get to know if the layout suits your needs before you even step into the building. If a temporary office space has flexibility to suit various requirements, the benefits of going down that path far outweigh the downsides.


Temporary Office Space In The Long Run – Should You Commit?

Before committing to space, consider things such as what kind of space will be most beneficial for your business.

  1. What is the atmosphere like?
  2. What types of companies, small businesses and consultants share that space?
  3. Is there parking?
  4. Does it provide early morning or late night access?
  5. Can I use it to book an event or meeting?


And so on… 

Also, think about the future and your own personal roadmap. How much of an impact could a transition to a temporary office space impact your bottom line?

  1. Are you growing a company, or are you working alone?
  2. Do you intend on keeping it that way and how much are you able to make risky investments?

For more info on why so many people are having success using shared office spaces, read this article. To quote an interesting piece of info from it:

…what matters the most for high levels of thriving is that people who cowork have substantial autonomy and can be themselves at work.

A permanent office is a risky investment for startups with uncertain futures, which is why so many small companies come to ATLAS to work before they are sure about growth opportunities and their own abilities. You can look at coworking spaces as an incubator of sorts.

One final point: a temporary solution makes it easy to accommodate the needs of the business as they develop. Some companies may require additional office space during peak periods. Another firm may need to vacate its current premises while looking for a better permanent space. Start-ups, in particular, opt for a temporary space until they gain a critical mass, then go to a permanent space; though many start-ups use a virtual office model in tandem with a temporary space.


Privacy and Private Office Space Options

Having access to peer expertise can prove to be a major boost to your productivity. Others can help you if you’re having trouble, but sometimes you just don’t want to be bothered, you might need isolation to go in-depth in your research, or a meeting needs to be private.

Collaboration is one part of the story, but can a shared workspace offer privacy when needed?

Privacy and confidentiality are key points in any business. If a workspace doesn’t offer these two features, and your business depends on it, consider looking for an alternative. ATLAS offers private rooms and soundproofing so that you can be confident that what is said in a room (for example, in a meeting) stays in that room.


Why Visit a Shared Office Space Near You?

First of all, because it’s nearby! It’s a great way to experience something novel, and meet awesome people to exchange ideas with. Shared office spaces all deliver the basic needs of a fully-functional office space. But instead of locking into leases with long term rental fees, shared spaces offer hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rates. Flexibility is the key attraction.

If you’re in Seattle, there are a lot of options to choose from.


Where’s The Best Shared Office Space Seattle Has To Offer?

Seattle is big and so is the pool of potential places to go. There are so many more reasons why the temporary office space is a modern solution you must consider closely, but how do you start your journey? You can start by checking out ATLAS Workbase. You can book a tour or claim a FREE work day to test-run our temporary office space.

It costs you nothing to try it out, so why not?

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