When asked about it, Pete Peng, program manager for WavCatcher, says adding his company’s technology to a smartphone is like going from regular to unleaded premium when it comes to performance, as with a high-performance vehicle.

WavCatcher enables base stations, mobile devices and accessories to better alleviate existing connectivity issues and offset network congestion. This is an incredible value-add since the range of the operator’s network is extended to ensure customer satisfaction in real-world mobile situations.

For Pete, taking his daily routine from “regular to premium” was critical when searching for a coworking space, and ATLAS Workbase provides a powerful fuel to do just that. At present WavCatcher is headquartered in Dallas and is just beginning its scale up phase. Part of that ramp-up includes having a strong presence in Seattle. Pete heads up that charge, while traveling often, as well as working with and managing a distributed team. There was no compelling reason for WavCatcher to invest heavy dollars into a dedicated, full-time office in Seattle.

Like many remote professionals and team leaders, Pete absolutely required a professional environment with business support services, concierge, etc., that would project the high-quality brand (and technology) WavCatcher brings to market. The different ATLAS Workbase workplaces and state-of-the-art meeting spaces powered by the latest technology meet his every need, and the on-demand pricing structure ATLAS Workbase offers provides Pete with nimble and agile flexibility. He loves that he can pop in an out of the facility as needed; meet virtually with team members, or entertain a key partner or customer on site.

“ATLAS Workbase is more than just a great place to work, it has an intrinsic quality that projects WavCatcher as a Tier 1 brand. ATLAS Workbase is more like a ‘solutions facility’ that maximizes the ability to conduct business professionally and efficiently,” says Peng. “Beyond the physical attributes of the space, which are top notch, it’s the value-added services that help drive the day forward. The staff here is always thinking of innovative ways of making the experience better, and they work closely to offer solutions that create success.”

One of those ATLAS Workbase services that Peng gravitates toward is the onsite FedEx Office store.

“One critical need for us is managing logistic requests for the distributed team. Using FedEx Office out of ATLAS Workbase provides us with an instant corporate shipping platform that is cost effective, and also provides WavCatcher with mature services without having to make any infrastructure investments.”

Call Pete a FedEx Office power user. More than shipping needs, Peng takes full advantage of the palette of marketing services offered by FedEx Office, where he works closely with Byron Miller, FedEx Office Center Manager for the ATLAS Workbase store. Together they have produced assets like customer and partner presentations, trade show signage, and the like.

Peng tells a story about needing a last-minute banner created for an important tech expo where WavCatcher was exhibiting. He had forgotten FedEx Office had those capabilities, but in an inspired moment saw the FedEx Office banner inside ATLAS and thought, ‘hey they can do that too.’ The resulting turnaround was fast, giving Pete ample time to focus on the design elements while making sure the banner would perfectly compliment his existing trade show display.

“It’s easy sometimes for ATLAS Workbase members to overlook that FedEx Office brings powerful production capabilities beyond copying and printing. Combine that with the creative spark working with Byron, and the result is a seamless, very cohesive model that is expeditious and efficient. Any small business based out of ATLAS Workbase should take full advantage of those services. FedEx Office can create so many different, branded solutions that augment product roll-outs and other sales and marketing campaigns, as well as other collateral used with partners, customers and employees.”

Today that relationship with FedEx Office is an important, strategic partnership for WavCatcher. “The smart recommendation is, take a look at all the services FedEx Office offers, then think about how FedEx Office can expand your business, not just assist it,” says Peng.

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