ATLAS Workbase Cafe

Hanging out in coffee shops is one of the great pleasures of adult life. We really like spending time in places like coffee shops and other “loungy” spaces  because they provide that Third Place between work and home, offering us a welcome respite from the push and rush of the ongoing day.

That’s why they design chain coffee shops the way they do, and it’s also why you really like the art house posters and “community bulletin board” aesthetic at your local cafe. These are great places to relax, socialize, or banter with old friends or folks we just met. Or curl up with a book on a rainy, wet day.

What we want to tell you here is that ATLAS Workbase is also a great Third Place! Sure, many of us come to ATLAS to get work done, drop in and out for meetings, or accomplish some other kind of productive ideation or collaboration, because that’s the coworking way! 

But Third Place is exactly what we had in mind when we designed The Lounge by Steelcase, our informal area and super comfortable open sitting space with its big picture window views across Mercer Street and beyond to the Space Needle.

ATLAS Lounge Media:scape

ATLAS Workbase Lounge

You probably know all the furniture and lighting at ATLAS is ergonomically designed to make you feel comfortable and alert. It can get pretty noisy in those Starbucks (and in those little cafes). Ever notice how at ATLAS the volume in the room always remains at a soothing level? That’s because we designed it that way.

Now let’s talk coffee. They have really good coffee, you say. ATLAS has really, really good coffee too, single origin, artisanal coffee from Blue Tiger. Brewed by the cup it’s absolutely fabulous.  Ask the folks around here, they’ll say it’s better than the national brands.

But here’s the real deal: at Starbucks, the coffee is going to cost you. Instead you could get a three-hour day pass for $15 from ATLAS and relax in quiet and ergonomic comfort. Our super premium coffee is free and you can have as many cups as you like. And when you get hungry, Konvene our terrific cafe, puts out free sandwich bites and savory, healthy and sweet snacks all throughout the day. Grab what you need, come back for seconds or thirds, sit back, relax and take in that ATLAS Workbase Third Place vibe. We designed it that way! Shared office space that works.


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