Dew-Anne Langcaon runs iHealthhome, the company she co-founded with partner Bonnie Castonguay. Hailing from Hawaii, it’s no surprise it was created with compassion and mercy in mind. Spend just a few minutes with Dew-Anne and it will be clear this mission clearly drives her and iHealthhome.

The company’s software creates what Langcaon likens to a virtual village for at home elder care. Acting as traffic cop/project manager for the entire care team, it manages tasks and workflows, and secure access to client records; it also syncs with sensors and wearable monitors in the client’s home to deliver truly efficient, comprehensive, and paperless care.

“From managing blood pressure, to cleaning dishes and getting laundry done, even walking the dog, all of those things have to be done for the senior to stay at home. Family is typically heavily involved, as the senior may not be capable due to dementia or Alzheimer’s, in many cases for example. iHealthome is on their phones, so everybody’s connected, communicating and up-to-date,” says Dew-Anne.

The virtual care model also helps the pocketbook. “In many cases the adult children are managing a parent’s care from a long distance or out-of-state, so this reduces the need to travel. Even more important, at home senior care are out-of-pocket expenses, and this model helps to greatly reduce cost for all stakeholders involved in the process,” continued Dew-Anne.

iHealthhome launched its platform in 2016. For two years prior, the company was in heavy development mode and needed lots of developers, eventually growing to twenty staffers and requisite big office. Once development was complete, out went the developers and in came sales, marketing, and customer service folks. There was no longer a need for a big office. Once the lease ran out, a smaller office was the option. But that wasn’t going to work either for this virtual company that needed flexibility to ramp staff up and down.

A different kind of office was required. In fact, there wasn’t much need of a regular office at all. For sure not full time. “This is a virtual sales company and does not require a physical space. What it does require is a place for the team to meet semi regularly and collaborate, so we created company meeting days at ATLAS Workbase every Tuesday. Otherwise everyone is on Skype or Slack. The flexibility this provides the company is awesome.”

ATLAS Workbase also gives Dew-Anne the confidence that, when needed, she can puff out her chest as if she did still have that big old office. “The company meets many of its corporate guests, potential hires, all kinds of people who are outside the company at ATLAS Workbase. For starters, the concierge is extremely professional, greets them when they arrive and alerts us. That kind of image is not something you can project with a one room office and no receptionist,” says Dew-Anne.

One VIP partner, who has met with Dew-Anne’s team at ATLAS Workbase, is headquartered out of Boston. Rather than rack up frequent miles with regular in-person meets, the two companies take advantage of the state-of-the-art video conferencing inside ATLAS Workbase and have made video conferencing a regular thing. “It’s just fabulous, the technology is so reliable. There was a three-way conversation between Seattle, Boston, and Honolulu. Investor meetings, annual shareholder meetings have all been run out of one of the big ATLAS Workbase conference rooms. Shareholders all over the world? Not a problem! Plus, running meetings like this sends a message to investors that the company is not wasting money,” continued Dew-Anne.

Potential technology glitches, if one were to happen, don’t scare Dew-Anne. “ATLAS Workbase is like having a personal technical media department. They have someone who makes sure everything is set up correctly, and sits outside the door should something go wrong. It’s the kind of support that gives the feel of being a small company operating with the benefits of a big company.”

Dew-Anne also finds the nooks and crannies, the different work-spots inside ATLAS Workbase uplifting. “It’s much like being in a high-end corporate setting, with offices on the windows and desks in the middle. Each with a different feel, just like walking into a big corporation. Konvene Coffee and Cafe also adds to that vibe of high-end office space.”

ATLAS Workbase is not a corporation of course, it’s a coworking space. For Dew-Anne, that’s another little advantage she discovered. “This is a great environment that makes people feel good and more productive, just by being here. It’s a professional environment for grownups that’s absolutely beautiful and a great place to meet other like-minded, entrepreneurial people and feed off the energy. An aspect that again, is like getting the benefits of being both a small and large company at the same time. In fact, even our company deliveries are sent to ATLAS Workbase.”

According to the iHealthhome site, “the full, rich meaning of ‘aloha’ and ‘ohana’ weaves through the company’s idea of the virtual village, and suggests that all are part of an extended family.”  Extended family? Sounds a little bit like ATLAS Workbase. No wonder iHealthhome and ATLAS Workbase make such a perfect match.

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