By Janel Kempf

In the interest of public health, my co-workers and I have resolved to stop breathing on and bumping into each other. Which is impossible in the cramped offices of our not-for-profit, where for nearly 14 years we’ve been elbow-greeting each other accidentally while sitting at our desks.

So we’re all working from home now. You probably are, too.

For us, it’s going… okay. Mostly. Just today, we had a virtual meeting that would have been a lot more useful if all the participants had been able to maintain their Internet connections throughout. And my one-on-one with my manager devolved quickly into our dogs re-enacting the all-England barking chain scene from 101 Dalmatians.

But I have a solution to suggest—I’m going to start learning a little more on my office-away-from-the-office, ATLAS Workbase, and I recommend it to anyone.

That might sound like the wrong instinct, but hear me out. You’re absolutely right, it would not be okay to do the equivalent of trading 40 hours a week in a crowded office for 40 hours a week in a crowded café. But ATLAS Workbase is nothing like that. It’s large enough to maintain social distance with all the right resources to make those meetings and tasks you can’t manage from your living room go perfectly.

The ATLAS Workbase team is taking the COVID-19 threat seriously, so we can still conduct business while keeping ourselves and especially the vulnerable members of our communities safe. So picture this:

You’ve got an important virtual meeting with a client. But you live in the Seattle School District, so your kids are now home too. And the dog is pretty worked up about it. Nobody’s going to be quiet—and your client is a little hard of hearing.

Trade off with your spouse—this time, they work from home, and you head to ATLAS Workbase.

Walk in and greet the team member at the front desk. The healthy team member, since everyone there is clear that they will not come to work if they feel even slightly sick. Still, it’s good practice not to shake anyone’s hand, so I recommend giving them a vigorous show of jazz hands instead.

Not a member yet? No problem—it’s as little as $39 for an entire day, so no need to rush while you’re there.

Find a workstation nice and far away from everyone else. It’s a big place, so that should be easy. (But don’t worry—it’s not so big there’s a risk of it becoming a gathering of anywhere near 250 people.) Wherever you choose, it’ll be clean. That’s always been one of the team’s top priorities, but the frequency of cleaning has been increased for all the workstations, the common areas, the restrooms, you name it.

Need a little more privacy? You can rent a small private Workbase for your video conference. Or a meeting room, if you have a few more people coming in and want to maintain that social distancing while you talk.

Take your time with your meeting, since everyone can concentrate and hear one another. If you need a snack, they’re still available. The team is favoring public health over waste reduction right now, so food will be individually packaged.

Your meeting’s done! You might notice team members already heading over to clean as you leave. You might consider becoming a member before you go, since no one has any idea how long this work from home situation is going to continue.

But definitely give the team jazz hands again when you leave—that way, they’ll know I sent you.

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