Seattle Coworking Space

at ATLAS Workbase

Thinking about joining a coworking space in Seattle? Have a team searching for a place suitable for collaboration? Work in a field that requires a flexible drop-in schedule? Interested in a sleek and sophisticated place for conducting business? As a member of ATLAS Workbase, you will find all that and more.

The Evolution of Seattle Coworking

ATLAS Workbase replicates the look and feel of high-end airport lounges and executive clubs, with Concierge services included. ATLAS offers pay-for-usage plans, including monthly membership for frequent use and daily single-use passes for short-term needs. Flexible part-time packages are available as well. ATLAS Workbase understands that plans change and schedules are adjusted often, so users also have the option to change their meeting space as needed.

Pricing and Passes


The Lounge


Concourse Tabletops


Concourse Workbase


Concourse Enterprise Office

Monthly plans starting at $199

  • Day passes starting at $19
  • Casual, open-seating environment
  • Chic furniture and sophisticated ambiance
  • Ideal for brief informal meetings
  • Reservations not necessary
  • Open to all
  • Designed with our partner, Steelcase

Monthly plans starting at $299/month

  • Day passes starting at $55/day
  • Open tabletops and semi-private sit/stand flex desks
  • Reservable each time you visit.

Monthly plans starting at $379/month

  • Day passes starting at $55/day
  • Quiet, intimate environment with a closing door
  • Reservable each time you visit
  • Maximize privacy, focus, and collaboration

Available for a monthly rate, starting at $1495/month

  • Separate, enclosed office with option to close via locking sliding door
  • Fully furnished with desks and chairs
  • Spacious enough for two or more people
  • A private space  inside ATLAS Workbase
  • All ATLAS amenities included

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Seattle Coworking Evolved

ATLAS Workbase is Not a Typical Coworking Space

ATLAS Workbase is a Professional Atmosphere

Work Life, Transformed

Imagine having a job without feeling the dread that is so often associated with working. It is possible. It comes down to your environment. ATLAS offers chic and professional workspaces that imitate the comfort of home. With comfortable couches and tables within steps of the premium kitchen area, ATLAS emulates the luxury of working from home.

People who make ATLAS their workplace never wake up with the Monday work-week blues. ATLAS knows days are brighter when projects are finished, to-do lists are completed, and ample progress is made. A desire for productivity and goals are all members need to bring to work. ATLAS takes care of the rest.

Next Level Coworking Space in Seattle

ATLAS offers a coworking experience unlike any other. The concept of coworking, as envisioned by ATLAS, is defined as collaborative efforts between different businesses. Coworking implies that people are collaborating within the same space, and yet everyone accomplishes their work without interruption.

The design of ATLAS, in partnership with Gensler, Phillips Lighting and Steelcase, creates a memorable experience. Colleagues are able to hold conversations without the interruption. The rooms are perfectly aligned so that the content of one meeting does not slip into the room next door. Individual work areas are laid out in a manner that ensures privacy as well.

Everyone occupies one building, but the environment does not suggest that people are in close range. The layout of ATLAS was intricately developed by designers who are just as invested in the success of businesses as ATLAS members.

Coworking Space Seattle

ATLAS Workbase is the third place for all types of professionals, from young entrepreneurs to established business owners. ATLAS members include…

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Individuals and teams who work remotely
  • Independent contractors
  • Self-employed
  • Small teams
  • Consultants
  • Start-up companies
  • Business people in need of meeting space while traveling

Amenities at ATLAS Workbase

ATLAS extends many amenities as part of its membership. As a valued member of ATLAS, the following amenities can be expected.

Free parking and bike storage in garage below building

Parking is never a hassle for ATLAS Workbase members and guests. Free parking and bike storage are available on site.

Flexible membership packages

ATLAS extends flexibility in its membership packages. Members have the option to select the package that makes the most sense to them based on their needs. There are full time, half time and quarter time packages. Day passes for occasional use are available as well.

Intentionally designed work environment

The intricacy and thoughtful layout of ATLAS was designed with comfort in mind. ATLAS offers controlled lighting to aid in productivity. Spacious seating helps members feel that their workspace is private and their own. While working, members are never confined to one workspace. Movement throughout the work day is encouraged.

Unrivaled Network

ATLAS is equipped with high-speed 10Gbps internet. There are numerous secured access points throughout the Workbase. The advanced audio-visual capabilities allow for audible, smooth communication with distant clients and partners.

Mail and package services

There is a FedEx Office within ATLAS Workbase. FedEx holds onto packages that arrive until the member is able to pick them up in person. Members are given the option to take advantage of the Virtual Office utilizing the ATLAS business address as their own.

Multipurpose meeting spaces

ATLAS has workstations suitable for smaller groups and event spaces that can accommodate upwards of 90 people at a time. Additional options are available for even larger parties as well. Let ATLAS Workbase be your gathering place for meetings, collaborations, and discussions.

Workplace options

The Concourse and Lounge exude professionalism. Designed by world-renowned architecture firm Gensler, furnished by ATLAS partner Steelcase and illuminated with the help of Phillips Lightning, ATLAS is an excellent place to conduct business.

IT Support

ATLAS has Technical Service Agents ready and able to assist with technical issues that arise. They are very proficient at resolving technological problems, like connecting your computers to the ATLAS network or audio/visual equipment.

Welcoming and friendly Concierge

The doors of ATLAS are always open to members, guests, and other visitors. The Concierges are experts in hospitality and make it their mission to ensure everyone’s experience at ATLAS is phenomenal.

Additional services

Concourse members are treated with spa showers including towel service, lockers, complimentary beverages, and communal kitchen space. The Concierge team is ready to aid in productivity, elevating members to a place where their workflow and efficiency can thrive.

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