Seattle Meeting Space – Rental for Coworking & Events

We offer larger private spaces for free-flowing communication and a more focused atmosphere, including user-friendly tele-conferencing options and state-of-the-art AV. Our space is available for rent to the general public. Become a member and enjoy all the benefits in our meeting & coworking powerhouse.

You can also try it out for free. Claim your free workday pass, come and leave whenever you wish, and stick around if you like it enough.

Technology Rich Executive Boardrooms

Executive Room Seating Capacity: 6 to 25

  • Hold medium to large meetings with enough comfort and breathing room for all members

Privacy and Audio Dampening

  • Privacy screens and acoustic paneling to ensure confidentiality. Equipped with Dual-Projection Monitors. Zoom Room & H.323 Video Conference ready

Starting at $120/hour

  • Multi-hour Discounts Apply

Casual Conference Rooms for Team Meetings and Brainstorm Sessions

Casual Conference Room Seating Capacity: up to 4

  • Enjoy a more cozy and intimate setting for brainstorming and quick idea exchanges or training sessions.

AV available upon request

  • Connectivity with AV tech is present and equipment is easily deployable

Starting at Only $50/hour

  • Multi-hour discounts apply

Train Car Collaboration Rooms

Train Car Seating Capacity: up to 4

  • Excellent for sketching, shifting ideas from hand to hand and small presentation mockups.

Wireless screen sharing for Windows, Mac, and Android

  • Screen-sharing with sublime wireless connectivity

Starting at $45/hour

  • Become a member and get a permanent discount.

Semi-Private Event Space Configurable to Meet Your Needs

Event Space Seating Capacity: up to 100!

  • Auditorium, classroom, rounds and more

Microphones, AV Equipment, Conference-ready

  • Zoom Room & H.323 Video Conference capabilities
  • Meeting recording available

Starting at $175/hour

  • Multi-hour discounts apply!



  • Full Concierge Service
  • In-house or client supported catering
  • Full AV including multi-point video conferencing and recording
  • Screen Sharing and presentation ready
  • On-site Tech Support
  • High speed secure internet (redundant 10gb/s)

Meeting Space Reviews and Testimonials

"...The Best I’ve Experienced."

"...State of the Art"

"...ATLAS Workbase was Perfect"

"...Great experience..."

Katie J. wrote on January 12th, 2018

What we experienced is the level of high tech equipment that’s available for anyone to use.

Before I hosted an event here, I booked meetings rooms for board meetings.
The high quality speakers and audio equipment really brought the whole room together. You could hear the person on the phone like they were right next to you. The audio conferencing web calls at ATLAS Workbase are the best I’ve experienced.

Anybody I know thats looking for meeting space, I recommend it for their board meetings. All of my colleagues are recommending it now.

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Mary Jo S. wrote on January 30th, 2018

Very nice space. The meeting room appeared state of the art, although we did not use any of the accouterments.

Beth R. wrote on January 19th, 2018

The meeting space provided by Atlas Workbase was perfect. The technology was easy to operate, staff was responsive. Great experience!

Kelly R. wrote on January 10th, 2018

Our team had a great experience and the staff was amazing!

Amenities Offered to Event Organizers at ATLAS Workbase

Spacious Venues for Events & Hosting Large Conventions

Event spaces at ATLAS Workbase are configured in many ways, including a classroom with seating for up to 33 people, and an auditorium that accommodates up to 80 people at a time. Total capacity, 100.

Parking and Bike Storage Spaces

Parking is hard to find no matter where you go. To eliminate the hassle of city parking, ATLAS offers parking and bike storage, located in the garage below the building off of Taylor Street.

Incredible Wi-Fi Network and Zoom-Call Connection

ATLAS Workbase offers high-speed 10Gbps internet. With multiple secured access points throughout the Workbase, connecting to the network is a breeze. ATLAS Workbase is equipped with Zoom for all video-conferencing and webinar needs. The advanced audio-visual capabilities allow for smooth communication with distant clients and partners. Events can be recorded.

Conference Spaces With State-of-the-Art AV Equipment

The event spaces at ATLAS Workbase have modern audio/video capabilities. The onsite IT Support team is on site to solve any issue quickly.

Catering Options Across Conference Rooms And Meeting Spaces

Events are even more exciting when food is involved. ATLAS Workbase offers curated catering for events hosted at ATLAS, and accommodates self-catering. Event organizers – contact the Concierges prior to an event if catering is desired.

Friendly Concierges

The Concierge team prioritizes the needs of event organizers and their guests. They are hospitality zealots and work to ensure that everyone’s experience at ATLAS is spectacular.

Modern Conference Space Design

ATLAS Workbase was designed with comfort and productivity in mind. ATLAS partnered with Gensler, Steelcase and Philips Lighting to create a comfortable, well lit, and intentionally designed workplace.

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