Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our guests, members, team members and their families.

Preventing transmission of the coronavirus is not dissimilar to flu transmission prevention practices which ATLAS Workbase is well equipped to address, given our vigilant commitment to sanitation.

ATLAS plans to remain open for ‘business as usual’ while increasing emphasis on existing sanitation procedures, in addition to taking additional precautions to help ensure everyone at ATLAS stay healthy and safe.

Our Commitment to You

ATLAS Workbase has always and continues to adhere to high standards of sanitization and plans to operate with its regular business hours. ATLAS encourages all members and guests to continue to come in to conduct business as usual. ATLAS will continue to host groups and scheduled events but allow rescheduling, at the discretion of the organizer. Anyone appearing unwell (fever, coughing or sneezing) will be invited to please return when they are feeling better.

Sanitation Procedures
1) Staff will continue to be encouraged to wash hands on a very frequent basis;
2) Staff will stay home when feeling ill;
3) All food items will be individually packaged;
4) Sanitization of every surface in our common areas is being increased in frequency;
5) Sanitization of all workstations is being increased in frequency;
6) Hand soap, sanitizer, wipes and alcohol are available throughout the space and upon request.
7) All linens that come in contact with our members and guests (e.g. shower and hand towels) will continue to be disinfected after every use.

Site Exposure
1) ATLAS will immediately notify appropriate public health authorities should evidence of exposure be discovered;
2) A decision to close ATLAS will be made in concert with such public health authorities and senior leadership.
3) Members will be notified as soon as possible of any closure details via email to minimize disruption.

ATLAS Workbase is committed to keeping all our members informed with any breaking news regarding this ongoing and evolving issue. Please bear with us as operations are temporarily adjusted as needed as a result.

Thank you for your business and for selecting ATLAS Workbase as your place to conduct business.

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